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Mission Statement

The Annie Mae Jenson Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, 501 (c)3 corporation established and maintained under the laws and regulations of the State of Maryland.  It was originated in 2003 by the foundations current CEO, Mr. Michel Jenson.  The board members are quite impressive not only by name, but also by the commitment that each of them have made to the betterment of their communities.
The Annie Mae Jenson Foundation was founded in 2007.  With a focus of helping the community
This is the core of this foundation, to work towards betterment of the communities in and around Baltimore.  We have created this presentation to familiarize each reader with the focus of AMJ Foundation, Inc.  It is our desire to design and implement some of the very programs that you will be introduced to through this communication.  We are currently involved in many of them and have formulated collaborations with other organizations that are like-minded in their focus and understanding of today’s challenges.

Our communities are in a state of emergency.  We have witnessed the decline of family values and structures, the failing system of education, the crumbling of support mechanisms, and now with the nations economy in a downfall the crime rate is on an all-time rise.  Something must be done to restore core values and increase the regard for life.  There must be actions taken soon to reclaim our streets, rebuild our family, revitalize our communities, and increase the economic base from which we all work.  We believe that we have some of the solutions and we are willing to work with other organizations and groups that will share the vision.

We understand that the government cannot make all the repairs to our communities.  I truly believe that anyone that has understanding of the conditions also understands some of the causes.  The government did not single handedly come in and devastate our neighborhoods, our school, our domiciles, nor our communities at large, therefore, they are not solely responsible for rebuilding and re-establishing each and /or al of them.. We are willing and able to do what we can to work with government and any other entities that would avail themselves to make a positive impact.

Please take the time to review the presented information about the Annie Mae Jenson Foundation, Inc.  We believe that you will quickly realize that we have communities at heart and that our efforts can and will make a difference in the communities in which we live.  We have included a listing of our Board of Directors, a copy of our 501 (c)3 letter of determination, an overview of some of our programs, and contact information for key members of our team.  Any other information that you would desire can be provided for you upon your request.

Michael Jenson
 Annie Mae Jenson's Son who is continuing the legacy
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